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ANTI-AGE MOISTURIZER Virgin Coconut, Barbary Fig

by White Witch



A silky, light, anti-aging moisturizer, rich in barbary fig seed oil, for all skin types.

This simple coconut oil based formulation injects the skin with a big boost of antioxidants needed to prevent cell degeneration and delay signs of aging.

How to Use

A little goes a long way. Apply with your fingertips wherever needed. Can be applied to wrinkles directly. Apply to face and neck for soft fresh skin. Gentle enough to be used around eyes. Even good for eyelashes.


Virgin coconut oil, barbary fig seed oil, carnauba wax

What to Expect

Aroma: Mild Coconut notes 

Product texture: Light silky balm

Skin feel: Fresh, rejuvenated protected 

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